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Wheel In - North America Automotive Supply Chain is the integration system of the productive offer of the suppliers with automotive purchase demand in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

It is the only system that links businesses in the automotive sector in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, taking advantage of the business opportunities generated by the new trade agreement.


The recent Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) that replaces NAFTA, has put on the public agenda key issues, such as the situation in the manufacturing sector, the need to develop new suppliers, transformation in the supply chain and relationship commercial with China, among others.

According to the new terms of the new treaty, the large industries established in Mexico, Canada and the United States that currently buy from manufacturers of Europe or Asia, they will have to buy more supplies between the three countries that make up the agreement, because the regional content it will increased up until 75%, being the supplier the automotive sector the most benefited by its costs and quality.

Faced with this panorama of continuous changes, the companies of North America must be vigilant, assess the impact that their operations and take advantage of opportunities business being presented

Only for the sector Automotive new opportunities valued at more than $ 25 million USD are expected!


Wheel In - North America Automotive Supply Chain responds to the need to get prepare for the new treaty and accelerate the incorporation of companies from North America to industry value chains and comply with new operating rules. The increase in purchases between the members countries of the trade agreement will continue to grow in the years to come, so opportunities for business for the companies that make up the chain of industry value will grow in proportion.

"Wheel In: North American Automotive Supply Chain" It is the first specialized system of the automotive sector in North America which concentrates the supply and demand of the processes productive according to the new content increase regional of the new treaty and potentiates the process of integration of the value chain.


Promote the incorporation of new regional suppliers to replace imports.

It drives the increase in regional content required by the TMEC-USMCA.

Generate a catalog of the productive capacities of regional suppliers.

Standardize the exchange of productive information between companies.

Automate and optimize the automotive supply chain.

Catalog of productive capacities of sector suppliers.

It is the system of the search and location of suppliers used by buyers in order to carry out specific searches by request, with the ability to operate with specific keywords.

The systemused for the survey of the productive offer and supplier services is specialized by sector, which allows it to identify their productive capacities in an integral way through a standardized process that promotes smart business linkage.

By registering, you will be allowed to shared the productive capacity of your company globally with large purchasing companies in Mexico, the United States and Canada!


Automatic Business Linkage System

This automated system generates a direct link between the specific purchase demand and an offer thatmeets the specific profile defined by the purchasing companies.

This systemallows optimal linkage of purchasing needs with the offer of suppliers in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Receive notifications when a buyer publishes a purchase request that your company can offer!

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Compliance with the regional.
content of the new treaty

As mentioned above, the regional increase is up to 75%, so standardization for the exchange of technical and productive information is essential, and “Wheel In - North America Automotive Supply Chain” will promote the integration of supplier’s automotive companies in North America.

Taking advantage of the expertise in the automotive field “Wheel In - North America Automotive Supply Chain” will support large buying companies in the supplier location process based on productive capacities of according to the sought profiles.

The New Business Opportunities only for the Automotive sector will be more than $32,264.25 million USD!

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